Ceiling, Roofing, Textures and Paintings.

Been busy this weekend, my build in terms of its shape, walls, floor, skybox and artwork is now finished. Still need to create some chairs for the theater and the other theater box in the games section, some models to go on the floor of the galley and the movies room needs its models and […]

Layout and Media on Prim Theater Start

Sorry about the lack of updates, haven’t been well. Today i finalized my layout for the rooms. The doors are scripted to open inwards, not sure how to implement a hinge so they spin on their center axis for the time being. And heres the theater room, i’ll put chairs so you can sit and […]

Proposal for Assignment 3

The Option you Have Chosen I’m going to be building something The Task and its Stated Purpose What I’m planning on making is a museum/gallery/theater themed and based around my favorite author H.P Lovecraft. It will have separate rooms outlining the man and the time, art work based on his work, influences that he’s had […]

Protecting Intellectual Property

How Permissions Protect IP in SL When it comes to Intellectual Property in a service/game/world like SL where you can sell and market your user created goods for profit, the argument of copyright quickly comes up. Be it prevention against straight copies, reproductions or texture changes the developer needs to decide what will work best […]