Final Reflections

I’m not entirely sure what I should write for this blog, I guess I’ll just run with the ‘reflections’ theme.

Doing a build in SL was and is more complex than I could’ve imagined, years of playing the sims and making houses primed me for what I thought would be a comparable experience, except in the sims it takes a matter of minutes to build and decorate a room whilst in SL that can take hours

Honestly, by far the worst part was the actual prim placement to generate the base layout that can be see in blogpost

And also the creation of the ceiling was much the same.

Another interesting experience was the textures, at the start I was just using free textures/default textures that I found to texture the build, but then I had a brainwave: quake 1 has tilling textures and has been open source for nearly 20 years.

So, I got the quake texture WAD, ripped and converted the textures I wish to use to 256×256 and 512×512 saved as TGA, then imported and recolored those into SL.

Using the same unified source across the entire build for textures gives a great atmosphere.


SL has, a un user-friendly approach to their scripts however they are truly staggering in their ability.

The scripts I currently have in use are:

Every prim that contains still content is scripted to give you its name and links to source

Texture changing on click

Atmospheric mist

A simple interactive text menu for a prim to play a sound

Media on a prim playing video

Script that handles the main door

Script that detects when a player has collided with the invisible prim and hands out a card from the prims inventory [greeter]

If there’s anything else I’m using I cannot remember, I tried to implement a script that would change a texture when the avatar stepped on it but it didn’t want to behave how I wished, or its just buggy, shrug.

I wanted to have building wide sound, but found it was irritating after a while, and the limit of .wav files only being mono, 44khz and 10s long is really crippling so I just dropped the idea, listen to this whilst you walk around

Final reflections and comparisons to plan.

I’m really happy with my build, and especially in comparison to a lot of other classmate’s work [some who have barely done a thing].

The original plan was:

Written by James Cotton05/05/2017

Proposal for Assignment 3

The Option you Have Chosen

I’m going to be building something

The Task and its Stated Purpose
What I’m planning on making is a museum/gallery/theater themed and based around my favorite author H.P Lovecraft.

It will have separate rooms outlining the man and the time, art work based on his work, influences that he’s had on media throughout history, a theater where you can play short films of his work [I know a great channel that does stop motion stuff] and a room where some of his short stories are on the walls with blurbs and links to audiobooks for each.
Not entirely sure of the layout I’ll use, but images will be attached to large thin rectangles that go from ceiling to floor so I’ll have to have a uniform roof throughout the build. On click they will message the viewer will receive relevant information like the artists name, link to their other work, link to the audiobook/channel etc.I plan on also building some models of characters from the stories as well.


Other than dropping the room themed around Lovecraft and the times he lived in, as it wasn’t as originally interesting as I thought, I feel like I achieved what I set out to do and the James of 5/5/17 would be happy to see the finished product.

I want to say thank you to Aaron and Claire for being great tutors throughout this class and I really enjoyed the platform of SL as a learning experience and look forward to the future of whatever Sansar ends up being.


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