Problems Blog

Problems I faced


Scripting the door

Getting and working out a functional script for the door was frustrating, initially I just had a square prim that would sit there and rotate on its axis, or not rotate at all.

Or the script wouldn’t work

Eventually worked out how key prims work and created the door and a hinge, ctrl clicked the door then the hinge and linked.

This made the hinge the key prim and on click would rotate at that axis and not the door, like a real door behaves.


Scripting the buttons

I’ve implemented a couple of objects that change texure on click with this


//global variables you may change

string texture1 = “Skulls”;//UUID of texture 1 (or inventory name if in inventorY)

string texture2= “Open mouths”;//UUID of texture2

float time = 0.0;//time to sleep in seconds

integer side = ALL_SIDES;//which side to change texture on




//don’t change below

integer currentstate;//the state its in either TRUE or FALSE

switch(string texture)


llSetTexture(texture, side);

currentstate = ~currentstate;//swith states





touch_start(integer total_number)








simple script, was a bit fiddly to work out how to place textures and stuff where I wanted them, but it’s a cool effect.


Particles stuff

I’m not entirely sure how I should be approaching my ambient particles, much the same with how im using audio its just a object that I purchased off the second life store, I will remove if nessasary but I feel it adds to the ambience so want to have both of them there.


Textures not lining up

Second life will natively apply textures and scale them fine to boxes and whatnot, that’s great.

But when applying it to non square shaped things it wont auto scale, so you have to go and mess with




Applying all my textures to the building was intensely frustrating and took hours to get close to right



Scaling textures

Much the same as above, the UI isn’t fully clear on what its doing when it comes to texture scaling, it does work but eh, could use something more user friendly.


Messing with walls

Whilst my walls look lined up, it was a nightmare to get them to that state. Every single wall is a separate prim that I then saved as separate rooms and dragged that room to wherever I wanted it, each ceiling for a room is also a separate linked prim that I have stored, then I moved and stretched where required for any room/ceiling.


Prims not lining up

I feel this is the SL experience, my prims don’t like up and I want to scream.


Media on prim

This is a pretty cool system once you work it out, just putting the YouTube link will give you the whole desktop page so you have to click share and grab the embed link works, doesn’t.

Building Shub

Made a model of shub niggurath, was irritating to move the top tentacle’s around as they need to have a solid base and a top that moves with the flexable prim option, the “eyes” are taken directly from the original quake model to give it a otherworldly and unnatural appearance.

All the tentacles can move but im not sure what makes them do that.

Maybe a script to make them wiggle would be cool.


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