Building my Library Walls and Rough Floor plan Concept.

FirestormOS-Releasex64_2017-05-16_13-52-49Today i textured, scripted and modeled the cards that go on the walls of my library, on click you are provided with a link to read the story, or listen to the audiobook.

When i build the gallery and room about Lovecraft himself and the time i’ll be using the same general concepts.


This happens for every box.

Heres what my libary looks like right now, I plan on having a model on the floor and maybe a rug? i’ll probaly get a couple of chairs so people can sit and read in here to boot, i plan on having its ambience be an old dusty libary so slightly dim with dust particles floating in the air and around the corners of the floor, with lamps in the corners.

I also made this sign, not sure where it will go.


This is the floorplan i’m going to try and follow for my design, excuse the linework and spelling.



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