Proposal for Assignment 3

The Option you Have Chosen

I’m going to be building something

The Task and its Stated Purpose
What I’m planning on making is a museum/gallery/theater themed and based around my favorite author H.P Lovecraft.

It will have separate rooms outlining the man and the time, art work based on his work, influences that he’s had on media throughout history, a theater where you can play short films of his work [I know a great channel that does stop motion stuff] and a room where some of his short stories are on the walls with blurbs and links to audiobooks for each.
Not entirely sure of the layout I’ll use, but images will be attached to large thin rectangles that go from ceiling to floor so I’ll have to have a uniform roof throughout the build. On click they will message the viewer will receive relevant information like the artists name, link to their other work, link to the audiobook/channel etc.I plan on also building some models of characters from the stories as well.

Learning Goal

This will teach me how to build in SL, how to do basic scripting, more texturing work, more advanced work with prims and will likely work into my project for next year that I plan on having SL play a part in being the face of a store for related objects that I’ve made

Short Films


I’ll end up googling for most of the images and sourcing from ???.

General timeline will be

  1. Make basic prim buildings and space out where I want things
  2. Gather texture resources, images and text that I want
  3. Apply textures to inside, adding more complex prims and whatnot as I go. Tables and chairs etc.
  4. Build the theater
  5. Script everything that needs to be scripted, implement YouTube into the theater, failing that I’ll have to rip and place a webm in its place
  6. Build any models that I want inside, characters and objects from the universe etc.



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