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Right wing Politics among the youth is the fastest growing demographic, they say that “Generation Z” [People born between 1999-2010] are the most Conservative Generation since WW2, within 10 years they will have power in government and politics.

The President in 30 years could very easily be a Gen Z.

PANZ- Political Arena New Zealand is a closed Facebook group with currently 1488 members in it.

Topics of discussion are typically centered around effects for the youth and other conservative talking points, to assist with my blog I have done a google forms survey over the last couple of days to grab some info, I would’ve liked to get around 100 but at time of writing I have 62 responses.

Age is the first good place to start,


Sub 21 are the biggest demographic on the Page.


Political spectrum, i think some people are LARPing with the far left and right. i was expecting more of a centrist bell curve

us supportnz election

NZ First and Trump represent Nationalism and that is expressed heavily in these two charts, i find the failing of national, and lack of votes for democrat or labor interesting, as those two parties atypically represent socialism. and one of my favorite quotes

“The problem with Socialism is you eventually run out of other people’s money” – Margaret Thatcher


Brexit is also a good question to ask to basically say “Pro or Anti Globalism/Nationality?”

Overall thoughts on my survey:

Would’ve been nicer to get a larger sample size as 62 responses isn’t really a sufficient sample size, but i can’t force people to do my survey so this is what i have, i think with more votes you’d still see the same patterns emerge just softer.

The large <21 population means that we are seeing the spread of conservative concepts to the youth at a far faster pace than liberal concepts, arguably because the youth is sick and tired of having liberalism forced down their throats and even then what we call “Liberalism” is often far far from what would be considered “True Liberalism”

I’d be nice if i could make a map as many as possibles political spectrum results but its a long and complex test so unlikely i’d ever be able to get that.


To take from their Page

Political Arena New Zealand (‘PANZ’) is a group for New Zealanders to discuss political issues and current events.

This is generally what we do, it’s moderated and polite, with discussions of news and politics locally and abroad, obviously US politics takes a big stage among the whole thing.

In terms of interacting with the community.

I’m going to take my survey as one above, I’m a heavy commenters and get into discussion’s with people the topics and how unusable Facebook UI can be make it difficult to say, all i can really add is the fact that these small communities are just a reflection of the internet and reality and will only grow.


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