Permissions on Objects

When you are faced with a service like second life, the subject of permissions/copyright comes up quickly, Users put a lot of time into building objects, meshes, locations, clothing etc. and should have their rights respected when it comes to intellectual rights.

Second Life has a set of “Permissions” when creating and editing objects, these signify what can be done with whatever object is being interacted with. Often tied to sharing, editing and copying it.

Generic content Permissions in Firestorm

The icons at the top is where the item will be sorted in any search/marketplace feature.

muv chair stuff

Object Permissions in Firestorm

Here are the Permissions i have on a chair i made to learn some Prim and texturing things. I’m the creator and current owner of the object

chair 2

I got Toby to log in and buy the object to show what happens then, and have him res it in-front of me, i gave him L$10 so don’t worry about that  🙂


So you can see that i created it, but he owns the object. and can make copies and transfer but cannot edit the item.



Four Core Permissions

  • Modify
  • Copy
  • Transfer
  • Export

I’ll now write a small paragraph on each.

Modify: This gives rights to the user to allow them to edit and change things like texture, model and dimensions on whatever they are interacting with, this can be used to for instance selling a shirt and you want the ability to also sell textures/copies with the correct mapping on them, well make the object Modify no and then just sell other textures.

I had a frustrating experience with the modify tag, I bought a shirt for my avatar and whilst it was tagged as modifiable the shirt didn’t provide a high res texture for the shirt itself, only a small rubbish low res one, So after googling for a while I realized that SL itself would be caching all the textures that I interact with, including the texture for the shirt with its correct layout, after a bit of searching with a cache reading tool I managed to grab it and then have used simple imaging editing to make like 8 custom shirts for only 10l each.

Copy: Rather straight forward, just allows the receiver to copy the item or not, generally if I was selling something I’d always have this off, as seen in the image I provided above.

Copy mostly comes down to what your selling/giving away, is it something designed as a dumb toy or avatar appearance and you just want to get it out there and easy to share/get copy is great for you, I assume all those free stores just work on the back of people going up to the owner and saying “hey I’ve got these items want them? but link to my store where I have the real $$ items please.”

Transfer: This is a setting that allows users to resell or give items away, with copy turned on this makes a copy and gifts it, with it off the UI warns you and gives you a prompt saying that you will lose this item if you transfer it.

Transferring items is useful if you purchase something for somebody/another acc and want to transfer items to them without having to give them L and then log into the marketplace with that acc

I think transfer is fine on small and simple items, but I’m not entirely sure about large and complex stuff, like if you were selling a house that came as a big package you’d likely enable Modify but have copy and transfer disabled.

Export: I can’t gleam a lot of information about this feature but from what I can grasp the concept is simple, just allowing or not the ability to export objects, models, sound and textures out of the SL and into whatever program can be used to edit them, if your store was entirely focused on Textures and/or Sounds it would be against your best interests to have them enabled. But, you could also want people to edit whatever item you have and then improve or do whatever they wanted with it.


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