SL Community Standards

Like any online community or game, second life has service wide rules.

The full list can be viewed here.

  1. Intolerance
    Don’t be intolerant of peoples gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, religion etc.
  2. Harassment

    Don’t harass users via any method be it in-game loaded prims and textures, via chat or via voice.

  3. Assault

    This is basically more of the same as above, its against using the features in-world to harras people, pushing spamming and spraying objects around that irritate other players.

  4. Disclosure

    Anti Doxxing  measure, and against openly sharing users conversations and chat logs without permission.

  5. Adult Regions, Groups and Listings

    This is a very straight forward and logical rule, keep NSFW stuff within NSFW sections.

  6. Disturbing the Peace

    The TL;DR of this rule is basically: Don’t be a pain in the ass.

  • Why you think they have been created

    Any online community must have rules, without rules its Anarchy.Even “uncontrolled” places like 4chan still have website wide rules, and board specific rules and very active mods and janitors constantly on the boards.

  • How you would make sure you do not violate the standards

    Not violating rules is pretty straight forward, you use common sense and don’t be a dickhead, pretty straight forward really.

  • A brief description of what to do if you think that someone else is abusing the standards

    First try and talk to them, ask them to stop what they are doing.

    If that fails, Report the user and try to contact Linden labs, and if necessary the owners of the land you are currently on if they are disturbing the peace of everybody around you.


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