Second Life Viewer

  • Who it is developed by

    Linden labs, Dev of second life. this is the default viewer for second life.

  • What functionality it provides

    Second life Viewer is the baseline viewer that most users start with, they are prompted to download on the official website and is very baseline, whilst it provides all the tools that somebody would need to play Second Life it lacks a lot of the functionality and quality of life improvements that other viewers offer.

  • How easy is it to use

    Very straight forward, some screenshots. SecondLifeViewer_2017-03-31_13-52-55.png

    Note the lack of ability to choose grids and other types of muves like Opensim. inability to choose where you’ll start either like home or previous location
    As you can see in this screenshot, it provides a very baseline experience. Just lacking the QOL features.

  • How it compares to others

    I’ve only ever used firestorm, and its pretty inferior to that experience. Whilst i could play SL with it, i’d definaltey miss the QOL that Firestorm offers me. small things like the lack of a radial menu on right click, the camera control having to open another menu for object view.

  • What your impressions of it are

    It does the job for new users, and is more noob friendly, but i’d highly recommend that people seek other viewers.


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