Firestorm Viewer

Foreword: I don’t really know much about viewers, I’m not experienced with them enough to have any strong opinions, I’ve only ever used Firestorm and the Default a bit before we started and mechanically they felt the same, so for experienced users and vets the differences are probably like night and day but to a noob I’m just like “Yeah..its SL, cool?”



  • How easy is it to use

    Once you get used to the viewer its very straight forward in operation, Inherently SL is pretty newbie unfriendly but once you get over that hump i don’t have any issues with it.

    Main login screen, I’ve highlighted the fact that you can choose different grids with it too.

    Default UI in-world, i have a few of my own HUD’s attached for my avatars features and my AO on the bottom right.

    [Sometimes my avatars mesh boobs clips through clothing, its frustrating so i keep it disabled via the HUD on the bottom left, thankfully that’s a feature of the Mesh skin and models attached to it]


  • How it compares to others

    I don’t have much frame of reference for this, but from what i can grasp firestorm is the logical evolution of SL viewers throughout its lifespan, it must be a head above to be the most used.The Fact that Firestorm is also entirely Open Source is a big draw, paranoid devs and users can comb through it and make sure that they aren’t being messed with, and allows people to able to more effectively design plugins for the viewer. good stuff.

    I’m not entirely fussed about open and closed platforms, but the fact that the biggest viewer is open source is a good sign.

  • What your impressions of it areI really like Firestorm, and will continue to use it as my Viewer as i can’t see a reason not to.

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