2017 Second Life Sci-fi Con

Port to the Entrance.

  • Why you chose itLooking for some interesting places to explore, came across this via my googling.
    The fact it has multiple different zones and builds to explore seems really cool.
  • What functionality/interactivity it provides (i.e. what do avatars DO there)It’s designed for exploration, RP and Talking.
  • How it looks/how is it built/how much scripting there seems to beSeems to be heavily scripted. i’ll show some examples of what i saw as i walked around in the upcoming screenshots.
  • How it compares to othersSeems like a very large amount of work has gone into it, its a interesting place to explore
  • What your impressions of it areIt’s a very cool place, lots of interesting exhibits and locations for avatars to talk and interact with each-other.

Lets get started with the screenshots.

Here’s the entrance.


and directly behind me, a mural for the relay for life. with some cool particle effects.


Planned Events. Doesn’t say what +GMT these are so i assume its in-game time.


Some star trek costumes and stuff


More star trek themed stuff, i’m not a trekkie so i don’t have much to add.


Mural to Scifi stars who have died.


Auditorium that plays the Call of Duty 3 trailer? Weird choice, guess its something that allowed people can change.


Not entirely sure what this place is supposed to be, it had “Nantie systems” on the entrance and thats a thing from the Mass Effect series, but i can’t see anything related to that.

Every so often i heard a whip sound and a donkey braying. so that’s weird.


Next place is a lava themed zone. Getting vibes of Doom2016 a little.


I don’t know what these ships are from, but the models are very impressive.


Model of a solar system, again not sure what universe this is. Probably star trek considering the overarching theme i’ve found of it.


Next place i went is very themed around brutalistic scifi. the kinda stuff you’d see in starship troopers. big fan of that aesthetic.


Cool art gallery.


The rest of the assorted builds are just more themed around Scifi and other Role play services, not really something i’m into

I keep hearing the CP from Half Life 2, half expecting to be told to pick up a can.
Blog post where i gained the link.




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