Exploring “picturesque” places.

I googled interesting locations, lets see where that takes me.

First place is called natural falls. it’s this post apocalyptic flooded city, pretty cool looking but the fps was horrendous, single digit fps the whole time.


Pretty cool enchanted looking places, the mannequins in-front of me are very well made.




Found a mansion.


D.va is a master musician.




I look like a child in this tub.


oh god i found a corpse, lets leave.


Last place today is this scifi themed space station, all soviet style. Phased in and naked woman right in-front of me, typical SL ;P


Nice poster comrade.


The reds assigned me a job, seems I’m going to be busy for a while now.


This was pretty fun, i’ll do some more of these blogs exploring.

its amazing the sheer level of work that goes into these places, shame that more people aren’t around to enjoy them.



One thought on “Exploring “picturesque” places.

  1. James a couple of technical points that may help your fps. Manage your draw distance. Having it up too high can really lag you out. If you are travelling about a lot clear your cache occasionally; Preferences > Network & Cache > Directories and select Clear Cache then restart your viewer. Turning off Advanced Lighting (Preferences > Graphics) can also help heaps and lowering your particle count.
    One more point re the “naked woman right in front of”. Not typical SL but more probably, with the advent of worn mesh bodies, an avatar taking a while to rez. It is usually the clothes that rez last.


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