Nuclear Weapons Museum

Today i visited the Nuclear Weapons Museum in SL.

it was focused around the history and effects of nuclear weapons.

The entrance has portals to other sections, and models of different missiles used thought-out the ages, from the V1/V2 nazi rockets to Trident USA missiles.


Here’s some pictures i took, the first room i entered was about the Manhatten Project where the nuclear bombs were used and the first ever nuclear explosion happened called the Trinity Test.


Very cool models of Little Boy and Fat man, the nukes dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In behind them are images of the Trinity Test.


Diagrams of how the Bombs worked.

Next room was about the aftermath of the nukes on the cities.

When you click on the images, you get information about them in your chat box.2017-03-11_15-20-59.jpg

The next room was children’s drawings from the time, some pretty horrific stuff.2017-03-11_15-24-57.jpg

This room contains infomation about the history of nuclear reactors, with a mockup of a control room, and the reactor itself. the rods can be moved.



Here’s some models of nuclear subs.


All and all its a pretty cool place, i’d def say give it a visit. i linked to it at the top.

And just to tick some boxes.

  • Why you chose it

I find the concept’s behind nuclear weapons, the bombing of japan in ww2 and nuclear proliferation to be intently interesting, humans sit on the possibility to turn out entire planet into a dead wasteland. and during many times in history it was a single decision away.

[Cuban Missile Crisis comes to mind]

The bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima have historically been contraversial.

In terms of the death count, the two big hits on those cities compared to the brutal war of attrition that the japanese wouldve gone into on both sides with the soviets invading at the north and allies at the south would of been horrific, the islands south of japan were tough enough to take as is. and their homeland for the very nationalistic japan wouldve been fought for tooth and nail.

American strategists estimated tens of millions of dead to take Japan.

  • What functionality/interactivity it provides (i.e. what do avatars DO there)

It’s an entirely educational thing, with some empty space behind it used to sell prims and houses.

  • How it looks/how is it built/how much scripting there seems to be

Not a massive amount of scripting, moving between rooms was done via a cool little star trek style teleporter. and the rods in the control room could be moved up and down.

  • How it compares to others

It was very infomation rich, but i’d of liked to have seen more interactive stuff, some embedded video would be very cool. like free documentaries on nuclear history, accidents etc.

  • What your impressions of it are

I really enjoyed my time walking around, and would recommend anybody visit if they are interested in the history of nuclear weapons and power.


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