President Trump.


It’s insane to think how far we have come over the last year, With everybody against him he managed to do the impossible and win, with a margin of 306 to 232 electoral votes he utterly destroyed Clinton.

And was it really a suprise?
Sure the Media wants to act all suprised, and the liberals are throwing their toys out of the pram all over social media losing this shit, anybody whos been closely following this election without the bias of the media knew it was inevitable.

The energy was behind Trump, he electrified the voter base. Whilst Clinton ran on the platform of “It’s my turn, Vote for me because i’m a woman”

Trump ran on, For the People, take the power back and “Drain the Swamp”, Dealing with the insane corruption in DC.

The DNC should’ve nominated Sanders, and if they didn’t rig it against him from the start its likely that he would’ve won, or it would’ve been extremely close.

Lets hope Trump makes true his promices.

I was saying for a long time.

Best case with Trump, he Makes America Great Again.

Worst Case, 4 years of status quo.

Best case with Clinton, 4 Years of status quo

Worst case, Nuclear War with Russia.

Cw650EAUsAA1GPE.jpg large.jpg

His smile, Optimism.



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