Blog before the Election

I’ll write another one tomorrow.


Here we are, on the precipice of the most important election in the world.

after over a year of Campaigning both sides have Shown their best hands and we are left with two Options.

Donald Trump, a Billionaire Businessman hailing from New York who is famous for being a property manager,  shrewd businessman, prolific writer and popular reality tv star with his Apprentice series


Hillary Clinton, a life long politician with 30 years in the US goverment. She has been First Lady, decades in Congress and Secretary of state.

Both candidates have their downsides, Trump is a loud boorish man who likes to speak before he thinks, and Clinton is a senile war-hawk with a graveyard in her closet and multiple FBI investigations due to how she handled and tried to cover up her wrongdoings.

This election isn’t a question of Republican vs Democrat.

It’s a question of Anti Establishment vs Establishment.

Lets hope the American Public goes with the former.


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