Black Mirror S3 E1 ‘Nosedive’ Review


Black Mirror is a TV show set in the same vein of The Twilight Zone, with new stories for every episode sharing a overall theme, and with Black Mirror its a theme about the risks and challenges that Technology presents [the name itself being a representation of the screens we look at, black mirrors.]

Nosedive is set in a near future where everybody has a “Score” and their score is gained from other users in the same system who all rate eachother from a 1-5.

The main character is a typical upper middle young woman who is trying to cope with life in such a image obsessed world and is desperate to get her score above 4.5 to get a cheap loan on a house, and the events that happen to her surrounding this.

The actual story of the episode is so-so but the world it presents is very interesting and mirrors things in our current world.

The ideas of personal ratings is something the chinese goverment wants to roll into WeChat

Where citizens will be rated by others, their credit scores, work peformance and school peformance and depending on that score will be able to get loans, cars, be allowed to travel and so on and so forth

And then there was

A failed mobile app that had colossal negative feedback and was tanked, but the idea itself was very scary.

NSFW language, but great video.

If you haven’t seen black mirror i highly recommend it. Three seasons out now and its all fantastic.


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