Anomalisa review


Jeeze, Been a while since i’ve posted here. Sorry about that.

Felt like writing about a fantastic film i watched called Anomalisa.

Anomalisa tells story of Michael, a writer who is on a business trip and doesn’t know what he is doing with his life, it’s nearly entirely set in a hotel around a single night where michael strikes out with a old partner and meets a new woman who gives him a new lease on life.

This story may seem simple and it is, it’s a very human tale and if it was in any other format i wouldn’t be talking about it.

What really sets this film apart is the fact its done entirely in extremely advanced and complex stop motion, the leaps and bounds achieved by the directors and animators are truly breathtaking. the way its shot and so smoothly animated if watched from a distance an audience would  struggle to see that everything was done with puppets.

Here’s a short spoiler free review by somebody more experienced at this than me.


Highly recommended, well worth a watch.

Not a film for kids however, contains drinking swearing and a sex scene, and children wouldn’t understand the themes it brings up anyway.




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