Clinton Collapse and the Collapse of the Democratic Parties chance at a Third term

Sure has been a interesting week in US Politics.

First off, Clinton’s Basket of Deplorables Comment

In this Clinton paints at least 25% of the voting public as “Deplorable”, this has made her come under heavy attack and is being viewed as her own “47%” that sunk Romneys campain back in 2012. This was already bad enough for her then this happened at the Ground Zero memorial on the 15th anniversary of 9/11.


If you watch closely, Clinton collapses at the end and is likely entirely unconscious as she was quickly dragged away from the event, to later “reappear” outside her daughters old apartment that has now been converted to an aged care facility. with the clinton team trying to say that she was overheated [in early Autumn mild weather]  and she’just’ has Pneumonia. There’s even good odds that the Clinton we saw outside the apartment was a body double, unless Clinton managed to lose 30 pounds,10 years of age and get a nosejob in 2 hours


All the while, trump is campaigning as hard as he can to colossal crowds and quickly swinging vital swing states like Iowa and Florida to his side.

All and all, this places Clinton in a very bad position as she has to be on the constant defensive from multiple angles and Trump can attack her any way he wants.

And all i can say is.

Trump/Pence 2016

Make America Great Again

Hillary for Prison.


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