Managing your online identity

I’ve put a fair amount of work into my personal blog for this class and RES in terms of design and layout, my Facebook page has a lot of info and customization applied to it. i regularly post there too


I’m not the biggest fan of twitter but yknow i’ve got the typical stuff on it.

But out of  all the ‘social media’ I’m probably the most active on Reddit, my account has

18,748 post karma
8,093 comment karma

[Karma = the total amount of times you’ve got upvotes]

If 4chan had a rating system I’d have pretty high stats on it [been browsing it for 10 years now]

  • The decisions you have made about integrating (or not) your different online presences (i.e. your blog with other platforms) and the reasons for this.

I try and keep my posting on Reddit and 4chan separate from my posting to Facebook, as i’m involved in communities and comment on things that are either NSFW or politically incorrect where i might not want to Reveal my Power Level to people i don’t know well

Sure if you really wanted to you could find my Reddit account, but it would require a little digging and not visible at face value

I’m not a fan of how people spray their entire lives all over the internet, i think I’ve posted about 5 photos of myself to the internet as i just don’t like all that stuff. a lot of people are exceedingly open with stuff like this and i think its a security risk and that concerns me.



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