The release of World of Warcraft Legion


So after nearly a year of 6.2 in WoD blizzard have released their newest expansion Legion.

Blizzard have doubled down on their promise to deliver a more satisfying and content filled expansion compared to the generally disastrous  WoD, and for the most part they have succeeded, the new world is rich and full of content and the leveling experience is great.

One of the best features they have added is the Artifact system, every spec has its own unique Weapon that will be used and upgraded throughout the expansion. this allows blizzard to alter classes within their weapon and won’t have to mess with the classes themselves, as every 110 will have a artifact.


It will be on the shoulders of blizzard to keep up the quality over the next couple of years but hopefully they realize the mistakes they made with WoD and make this the best expansion ever.

A lot of people, myself included have gone “if this xpac ends up bad, were done” and i think blizzard have realised this also.

Lets hope it’s good.




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