Clinton’s medical history leak.


Referring to this article.

Confirming what a lot of people have been suspecting, Hillary Clinton has subcortical vascular dementia, [a type of dementia caused by widespread, microscopic areas of damage to the deep layers of white matter in the brain]

This explains a large amount of her behaviors during this race and are getting worse and worse as it goes on

Video by Paul Joseph Watson on the topic.

and a quote i like from the article,

No rational person could vote such a sickly individual into the most important political office in the world.  To do so would be utterly irresponsible; even outright reckless.

Look, it’s not Hillary’s fault that she’s sick.  She didn’t intend to get this way, but she is, in fact, this way.  It’s sad.  I do not wish these health problems on her or upon anyone.  But the fact is, these health problems flatly disqualify Mrs. Clinton from being President.  We cannot have a person with Dementia with her finger on the nuclear button.

The fact she has a good chance of becoming president is terrifying to me.

And odds are you’ll see her have a total breakdown on the debate stage against trump, he destroyed 17 career politicians and she struggled to handle a single soft spoken socialist who never really attacked her at all.



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