Re-Animator 1985 review

“You killed him!” “No! I gave him life!”


Re-Animator is a classic horror/comedy film about a medical student who discovers a ‘serum’ that allows him to bring the dead back to life, it’s based on an early series of short stories written by hp lovecraft [before he invented his seminal Cthulhu mythos] however some of the themes he would later use [discovery of forbidden knowledge, people going insane once they discover said knowledge or power]

During the events of the story the student ropes in another and manages to find his way into the hospital morgue and begins to raise the dead, where they quickly go on rage filled sprees.

Re-animator has amazing dark humor theme with things like a headless body carrying it’s head within a pan, and telling it to do stuff as it bumbles around.

On the whole, a fantastic movie with amazing practical effects and often the first exposure to the work of lovecraft and everything that comes with it.




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