Ass 2: Copyright


Due to me already doing two lengthy blogs about this topic in ICT501 i’ll be cannibalizing them.

  • A short discussion on the major IP/Copyright issues facing users of online platforms

    Whilst copyright is a good idea, its generally abused far too often, or badly implemented to the point where it becomes more of a hassle than its worth.

    Copyright was inintally designed to protect IP holders for a realistic period of time so they could make profit then the IP would become usable by anybody, but because companies are greedy and want all the profit for themselves they keep lobbying for longer and longer terms to  their IP. the golden age disney films like snow white should be out of copyright now but alas, Disney love their money.

    Right now copyright is a massive problem on YouTube where content creators will have their content ripped in their entirety and posted on websites like Facebook

    [also the channel that’s from is awesome, you’d like it.

Or even worse, people who abuse the copyright system in YouTube to issue false copyright strikes, even if they have no right to the content or flat out don’t understand fair use at all.

Often people abuse the claim system on YouTube to silence content they don’t disagree with too, example of h3h3 where they ribbed a prank channel and he got their channel nearly banned and sued them

Doug Walker from TGWTG on the issue of copyright trolls.

  • How the Copyright and Copyleft systems protects IP

Copyright is designed to make it so somebody can’t rip off your content and sell it as their own, however its a touchy subject, whilst i copyright owners should have the rights to profit from their things, at what point can something be considered vital to the cultural zeitgeist and should be allowed to be used by everybody. like Studio Ghiblis films are some of the best Anime films ever made, but its nigh impossible to make derivative work of it because the studio itself will just shut you down.

Copyleft is the idea that somebody makes content, and then shares it for use by anybody as long as they give you credit for the work they are editing, this is a fantastic idea as it gives content creators the freedom to do whatever they want.

  • A demonstration of how you are protecting your own IP

I don’t really create much content, so i don’t mind if people use it.

I have creative commons applied to my blog.

  • Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material
  • for any purpose, even commercially.
  • The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.



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