Ass 2: Online Safety and Privacy



Doxxer hard at work

A description of how you are attempting to keep yourself safe online

The concepts of “Online Safety” are interesting, i feel they apply to more younger people/people who are more openly active on social media/youtube whilst people like me who lurk the majority of the time on content rarely feel like they risk being targeted by trolling.

I’ll go into detail in the following question on what measures i use to keep myself anon online, but I’ll answer this question in the logic that i was more open on social media

  1. Limit how much information you share about location and personal info.
    Modern social media is a treasure trove for anybody seeking info about people.
  2. Avoid giving detailed time to time posts about what you are doing at that very moment, websites like foursquare aren’t used as much as they were, but people are quick to spray current location on services like Instagram.
  3. Strip exif data from camera taken images when uploading to websites that wont auto strip it like forums. this can easily be done with image editing software.

A description of what level of privacy you have chosen for yourself and how you are enforcing that.

I try and limit what information can be easily found out about me, luckily i share a name with a popular harmonica player also called James Cotton


and adding more info like James Cotton New Zealand Nelson still wont get much about me

I dislike posting images of myself too, I’ve posted around 3 of me to Facebook and two of those being really out of date.

looking up my username Jaskano will give you a little bit more info, and eventually get you to my Facebook page. but even then that only tells you what city i am in.

So a dedicated doxxer could get my info but really, I’m not important enough online for anybody to actually try. and if i did become like that I’d just purge the info.


Good online privacy has become very important if you are active on the internet or a famous/infamous person. but for the average person i feel like they dont need to overtly stress about it.


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