We Happy Few, early access impressions.


Are you off your Joy?

Set in a 1984 esque London where the populace is required to take a mood altering drug “Joy” or be ostracized and hated everybody.

Currently in early access with only the prologue and basics of world generation/inventory/mechanics its a very cool proof of concept so far, gameplay is focused around exploring a generated open world with people, houses and items placed randomly in it.

The in-game mechanic of the “Joy” pills is essentially a stealth among the higher teir citizens that will chase and attack you, or call the cops who will quickly kill you if they notice that you aren’t “on your joy”, having the joy buff active also changes the apperance of the world to be light and happy so the citizens can remain ignorant of the true situation as long as they are on the drugmaxresdefault

however, as long as you have the buff active your hunger/thirst/sleep status will tank so the game becomes a balancing act of avoiding people whilst you aren’t on the buff and using the short time you have on it to get stuff done.

All and all, I’m looking forward to the final release later this year. should be cool.


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