Wikileaks DNC leak, Democratic Corruption.

Over the last couple of weeks wikileaks has been leaking a large amount of internal mail from the DNC [over 30k] emails that have shown the entire group is deeply corrupt and colluding with eachother and the media to shill Clinton and sink any of her competitors.
And generally being critical of anybody in the DNC.


This has become a major point of contention for the Sanders and Trump camps, especially the former as the DNC leak shows that they worked together to prevent the media saying anything positive about him and preventing him and Clinton debating, especially before the critical California primary.

It’s been a boon for the Trump camp however, with the recent FBI choosing not to lay charges related to the email scandal, showing that if you are rich and powerful enough the law doesn’t apply to you.

Now it shows that the DNC itself is entirely corrupt from the core outwards, and with the convention starting soon it’s going to be fun to watch the shitshow.

Subreddit with more information and links if you’re interested.


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