Ass2: Participating in a Community

I’m going to talk about Reddit, 4chan and a smaller community on a chat client called discord.


Reddit is a colossal forum website that has a “subreddit” for nearly every subject you could be interested in, generally i browse /r/askreddit [a place where people ask questions and have discussions] /r/the_donald [subreddit for presidential nominee Donald trump] /r/overwatch [subbreddit for the videogame by blizzard called Overwatch]

Reddit is great for discussing and reading about any topic you might be intrested in.

Here’s a thread i made talking about issues a map called Hanamura has in Overwatch.

Each subreddit has their own set of rules, and the website has its own overarching rule set too

and general etiquette rules as well

4chan-150x150_(1)4chan is a different kettle of fish, and a interesting case in internet culture.

The central concept behind 4chan is providing boards to discuss multiple different topics


[Please be aware that many boards on 4chan are Not Safe For Work]

Whilst users are almost always anonymous, [and culturally having a name or identity is heavily looked down upon unless its essential that the user can be identified for the purpose of the thread] so what matter is what the person says, not the name behind it. this helps to avoid the circlejerking and clique behavior that you see on other forums where heavy users are respected more because they are regulars.

I generally use the videogame board, /v/ and the political discussion board /pol/.

You get some amazing banter on the website, example related to the kiwi who was kidnapped in Rio


Each board has its own rules, and inherent culture that you can only really learn after browsing for a while [lurking] but also has its own overarching rule-set.



Discord is the logical progression of VOIP apps like Ventrillo, Skype or Tempspeak.

Discord takes everything that’s great about these apps and improves them.

  • Free servers
  • Customized Chat channels for typed and voice
  • Ability to have multiple servers attached to your account for ease of swapping between them

Me and my friends use discord as a replacement as skype as skype is awful.

We don’t really have any rules other than, don’t post straight to NSFW stuff like images as that will generate a thumbnail, and tag any NSFW stuff.





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