Internet of Things

So, how nice would it be on the way home from work on a cold day, and your dreading getting to a cold house, with nothing turned on and ready for you, thanks to IoT devices this won’t be a concern in the near future as you’ll have an app to small devices attached to your heat system, oven, computers etc. allowing you to remotely control them to whatever you want.

Generally, IoT devices are things that will make life easier, automate things that are annoying and a waste of time. and eventually will be embedded within our very bodies. hell you could argue that pacemakers and cochlear implants already fall into that.

What are their characteristics?
Small boards like a raspberry pi with little computing power, but enough that some code can be run on a specialty designed OS and then attached to a larger electronic device. Like a IoT device to control the heat and settings of an oven allowing the average user to get much more control over dishes that require cooking at different temperatures and times [something that is often only able to be done inside expensive commercial ovens unless the user is there babysitting]

Do they need to be connected to the Cloud? Are they always related to Big Data?
“The Cloud” is a vacuous term, essentially meaning they are attached to a server. and yes, its important that a IoT device can be controlled via remote means for ease of use by the user, wide-scale adoption of IoT devices isn’t going to help the Big Data issue as it will be vomiting even more into the world.

Todd had us design a IoT device, i sat there and thought for a while about something i saw years ago. These small devices that vibrate to the right frequency to cause any surface to become a speaker. so my idea was a small box that has a IoT interface inside it.

Vibrant Designs 

James Cotton, Stephen Jeffries, Joshua de la Cour

Vibrating speaker that causes any flat surface to become a speaker, currently doable with 3.5mm jack attached to a device, IoT will be a box with a speaker on the outside that vibrates at the set frequency. But a raspberry pi type board inside that connects to your computer or phone via bluetooth or wifi and streams music to it.

How they work
Device itself is simple because of it doesnt need to be complex. As its focus is the speaker on the bottom and everything else is just window dressing.

Has software on board that can be told the size of the surface to be resonated on
Speaker on the bottom that attaches to the surface, charging port on the back


The next 5000 days of the web TED talk

The crux of this talk is that the modern internet has only been around for 13 years. and within that time has made colossal leaps in tech. yet 13 years is nothing. if you compare the jump in tech from the 70’s to the 90’s to the jump in tech of 90’s to 2010’s its like night and day. In another 13 years everything will be connected and interfaced together. and this sheer advance in technology has and will make our lives easier.

Soon, we will have neural interfaces in our heads and we will be able to connect our brains to the cloud.

Amazons Dash Buttons

Very cool little thing, mark has one and its super simple, yet can be coded to do lots of stuff.

Wireless sensor networks would be a great way to connect and mutiple IoT devices that may not be able to get direct wifi connection. and across a large array of them could make configuring them easier.

Probably the biggest concern i have for IoT devices and especially homebrew ones is the fact they are all internet connected devices that talk with other devices and systems on the network. and could easily be used as a backdoor for malicious users.

However, on the whole i’m excited to see where IoT will be implemented and i remember as a kid dreaming about having a fully electronically controllable house and it seems like we are almost there



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