Internationalisation and how its important to be able to communicate between cultures.

The concept of internalisation is based on the concept of providing your content to as many possible markets as possible, with the world getting more and more interconnected and developing continents like Africa quickly getting access to technology it will be important to be able to easily communicate information with them.

Languages vastly differentiate between cultures and it’s important to be aware of the rest of the worlds needs and realize that the vast majority of the planet aren’t English speakers.

Gaps left were the importance of advancing text to speech programs for converting audio in movies, tv and games easily and make it as realistic as possible, it’s getting there but has a while to go.

Also does it matter what language is used during coding? Like if I’m doing c# do I have to use English characters or does the compiler not care long as it all lines up? Otherwise Developing countries being unable to code would be a massive issue.

  • Which types of businesses would benefit the most from internationalisation?

    Companies like Wikipedia that can easily spread information and knowledge, the most important thing that a developing country can get is education, it is the killer of religious extremism and bigotry

    Also search engines allowing people to easily use them, google and Microsoft are doing a great job at this so far.

Countries focused on selling out of borders should have a big focus on being able to communicate in non-English language, especially if they are trading with China, Japan, Korea and India.

  • Which (kind of) countries would most benefit from internationalisation?

    Developing countries with large amounts of people that often lack good quality education because the vast majority of the internet is English speaking.

I feel that African and South American countries are some of the best examples of this, many of the countries in these continents are currently in the transition towards first world countries and require ability to easily view content online without having to worry about the need to learn a new language.


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