The Internets own Boy

Q1:  What did he do that got him into trouble?

Rip data enmasse from the pay to use JSTORE servers, a website that hosts vast amounts of educational journals.

Q2:  What were the possible motives mentioned in the film for his so called “crime”?
Making information that everybody can view

Removing paywalls on said Information

Allowing people who have the interest but not the means to study.

Exposing corruption inside researchers.


Q3:  What does each motive imply from a MOREL and LEGAL point of view?

The morals of having information that people cannot view unless they have money is very grey. Sure the people who wrote a good majority of the info deserve compensation, but also a very large amount of the files on JSTORE is very old stuff that the majority of humans should have access to if they want it.

Paywalls prevent people who may not have the means to educate themselves, an example the film uses is that students in India won’t have access to these documents just because of their location. Whilst the Law behind copyright is true, but is it moral to control the information of the world so nobody can use it?


Q4:  Why were understanding his motives so important ?

Because Aaron belived that people deserved to be able to learn if they want to.
The internet is an amazing tool that corporations are quickly trying to segment away behind paywalls.
Websites like wikileaks are very important, in the western world we have freespeech for a reason.

Q4.1: How many charges did this end up giving him?

Unlawfully obtaining information from a protected computer

Recklessly damaging a protected computer

Aiding and abetting

Criminal forfeiture

Wire fraud

Computer fraud


Q5: What was wrong with the sopa bill ?

The biggest question is what isn’t wrong with sopa, sopa and bills like it give companies and corpirations far too much power to exploit their copyrights. People like Disney are so aggressive with their copyrights it kills any possible derivatives content that right now would fall under fair use.

SOPA and bills like it also wants to try and control internet speeds. Also known as Net Neutrality where an ISP will charge you to get ‘full speed” to a website when in reality they are just throlling everything they don’t approve of and segmenting the internet away.

SOPA allows companies to demand google or whatnot to shutoff acsess or funds to a website. And all that is required is a single copyright infringement notice, this is a massive issue on youtube right now as somebody can just spray copyrights everywhere and get a channel cripped or shutdown without much effort.

Q6: Why did It look like the bill would be impossible to stop from passing?

SOPA is like a hydra, if the internet cuts one head off two more grow back, what needs to happen is overhaul how bills in congress are handled so people cannot attach unrelated bills on.

Q7:  What were some of the significant factors that helped raise awareness for dismissing the sopa bill?
Aarons website DEMAND PROGRESS and activisim

Websites like Reddit, 4chan, wikileaks who were all openly anti sopa. And heavily campaigning against it.
Large communications to congress and petitions.

The big issues with congress is they don’t know about the things they are trying to control.

Internet blackout that simulated how the internet would look if sopa passed. Within a day sopa went from 80/31 support oppose, to 65/101 support oppose in congress.


Q7.1 What’s the important message about this victory to those of us in the “new world”

That the people can prevent aggressive bills like SOPA from passing. And will provide a example that congress can look at in the future.

Q8:  “Bringing public access to the public domain”  “books are our cultural legacy”.  What are these statements have to do with his passion … (37:25)

Aaron belived that everybody should be able to view educational data if they wanted to, as a child he found school pointless as if he wanted to learn about something he could just get a book about it. And he believed that everybody should be able to do the same thing. Websites like JSTOR stopped this from happening.

Q9:  What does q8 have to do with Jack Andraka

jack managed to learn how to early detect pancreatic cancer.
he gained the info that aaron made free from jstore.

Q10:  Whats the most important question on this list. Why?

Question 6, because of how congress works somebody drafting a bill can put a totally unrelated one onboard, this is happening RIGHT NOW with TPPA, TPP etc. where it’s a trade deal that also has numerous unrelated bills attached and unlike SOPA its far more likely to pass.


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