Professional Communication

When it comes to professional communication, one must strike a balance between professional and formal conduct, and informal and more friendly conduct.

Communicating with different audiences
When you are writing for a company, email within the company, face to face communication between superiors/equals/friends/employees you aren’t acquainted with or communicating with clients you have to take into consideration how your communication will come across take for example how you’d ask the question “Can i make an appointment to meet with you” and how you would communicate that to a manager or friend

Manager: “Hello, This is [name][lastname] Can i please make an appointment to discuss [issue] between [time] on [day].
Thank you.”

Friend: “Hey man, wanna meet up on [time][day] and talk about [issue]

Being informal with a manager or higher superior can come off as flippant and disrespectful and if one was to communicate this way with a very high up superior it could easily impact their future in the company in colossal ways.

Intelligent uses of Jargon.
Jargon is a useful tool, but can be deeply confusing to people not up to speed with it.

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that” – George Carlin

Imagine the statement “Pick up the mouse, click on the start button, type in cmd and run a ping to google to check the ms”

For somebody who knows nothing about computers imagine what these words mean?

Mouse = Rodent
Click = Something i do with my fingers?
Start button= The button on the front of the computer?
cmd = What?


Whilst a it professional or hell even an regular user that’s a simple concept, but as the Carlin quote outlines you have to assume that the user you are talking to is a drooling idiot without coming off as a douchebag to them, this is why when you call your ISP you can clearly hear them reading off a list of the obvious fixes that an IT professional would do but a experienced user would never try.

[There’s a great south park episode where the worlds internet dies and nobody knows how to fix it, and kyle just unplugs and replugs the giant modem that “runs” the internet. fixing the problem]

Examples of speakers and the way they communicate
When it comes to face to face and public speaking there is certainly different examples of people who have far more charisma and know how to communicate their ideas, for some people this comes easily and others its a waking nightmare, a great current example is the presidential races currently happening in America

People like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz know how to demand attention on stage and keep the media and camera on them. Whilst people like Ben Carson who have great ideas and policy cant get a word edgewise when loud charismatic people are just outperforming them it was almost comical in the last debate where the camera spent a good 80% of the time focused on Trump/Cruz/Rubio and barely any attention on Carson just sat out of range being essentially ignored.

In Conclusion
Good Communication skills are essential to existing in the modern business world, even if you think ‘Oh the job i want to do wont require me to communicate odds are it will be a major part of your life.’


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