The Martian Review

Following in the footsteps of gravity, a story about a single person surviving extrodinary events in space. The Martian is the story of a man surviving on his own for years in a research faclitly on mars (only designed to be used for 30 days) after he gets left behind by his crewmates who were forced to evacuate the faclitity after a catastrophic storm and he gets injuried and assumed dead.

He has to face the difficulties of: Growing food, creating water, getting in contact with NASA and coping with the knowlage is is alone on a highly hostile planet.

Matt Damon as the lead does an amazing job and is an easy nomination for best lead actor, and so is the director Ridley scott in his first really good film in a while after a few dissapointing films like prometheus.

Saying any more will spoil the film but i  highly reccomend you go see it. my only issue with it is the ending action sequence goes on a bit long.

Solid 9/10 however.The Martian movie poster


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