Reddit and 4chan. The biggest media sites that you might not know of.


I’ve been posting on reddit for a few years now, and its an amazing site. Users can create subreddits for essentialy anything they want and large comunities form around these ideas. I post a nd browse reglually on but not limtied to;
/r/askreddit [people ask questions and get answers]
/r/wow [World of warcraft targeted sub, am on the break from the game however atm]

/r/vaporwave [sub about the music genre vaporwave]

r/wtf [strange and often not safe for work content]

/r/worldnews [self expanitory]

/r/tf2 [about team fortress two]

and many many other subreddits.


4chan on the other hand is something that few understand fully, users cannot create their own boards, but generally there exists one for nearly everything you’d want to discuss.

Ive been browsing and posting since 2007 and have seen the site change drasticly in userbase and content. but at its core its remaind the same since then.

From anime, cars, tabletop games, movies, tv, comics, videogames, toys, political stuff, fitness etc.

Sadly the vast majority just think “/b/” when they think 4chan. the most cancerous board that generally exists as a quarintine to keep the shitty idiotic users concentrated in a single place. people post anything they want and often can be things others find offencive, but all you have to do is pretend that /b/ doesnt exist and stay off it.

Sadly its blocked at the school because of the porn boards. meaning i have to browse it using my phone data 😦

both sites have overarching rules, and seperate boards generally have their own culture and things that arent allowed that you learn after being there a while. [blocked at school] [seperate subs have their own rules and posting guidelines.]


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