Online safety, security and privacy.

In our increasingly connected world privacy is of the upmost importance. With the leaks by snowden and the like people have to realsie that essentially anything they say and do online will remain there for the forseeable future.

When using any form of social media be deeply aware that when you friend somebody, post to twitter, update your tumblr etc. they can see and find any possible infomation that you might have.

Googles algorithms have got so powerful that a dedicated person can find out anything that they want. often using the skill called “google hacking” and social engineering people.

Often people put their phone numbers on facebook and with little effort somebody can work out your full name and address, stalk out your address and wait for your mail to be delivered. take said mail like a bill or statement from your bank. they can easily use that to steal your identity, this issue is rife in the uk.

To avoid being social engineered or phished. be smart about what you do online. use strong passwords/recovery passes. a password manager like lastpass is good [make sure you use a very strong master password, think this:

Credit XKCD

The sheer amount of infomation that people vomit online worries me. i never upload pictures of myself publicly, or sign into locations. howevery my 16yo sister is contsantly uploading selfies, signing into locations that give her free wifi etc. a clever person could very easily work out where you live with the infomation that people put online without a second thought.

The internet is an amazing place. but users have to be aware of the risks they open themselves up to.


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