Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain. Inital experiences.

To say this is one of the finest stealth games ever made is an understatement, to take what people love about the orignal metal gear games. shove it in a semi open world [when you take on missions you are placed in  sectioned off part of the world], give the player loads of tools and seperate weapons and tell them “approach it how you like” do you want to be bombastic and shoot everything? go ahead.

But the more cautious and careful player who plans ahead and takes the guards queitly will be rewared with higher scores and exclusive codenames.

I’m only about 5% through the game with a good 6 hours play time so the amount of content in display is staggering.

I do wish there were more sabotage style items however, me and my friend had a great idea for an item like, “Set a poisoned bottle down with a hallociangen in it, guard picks it up and drinks and goes apeshit. shooting randomly at shadows and his fellow guards.” based on the CIA lsd tests that were underway during the timeperiod that the game is set.

So far it’s a solid 9/10.

Will write a finished review once ive finished the game.


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