Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros Review #SCM501

With the Recent release of Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain, i felt it worthwile to go and play the preview game Ground Zeroes, the game bridges the gap story wise between Peace Walker and The Phantom Pain, and is a demostration of the style of gameplay and theme people can expect in Phantom Pain.

And wow, what a game it is. Super tight controls, gunplay, graphics and storytelling. for the length of the preview [2h roughly] is an action packed story about recovering two prisoners in a guatanumo bay style facility, but compraed  to other Metal Gear games its a complete change of pace. the previous games were set on linear paths with guards as enemies you have to outsmart, out shoot or completely avoid. Ground Zeros and Phantom Pain are totally open world with freedom to approach your issues how you see fit. and god its a major breath of fresh air.

Mgs4 whilst good was exceedilng linear and suffered for it.

If the phantom pain keeps up the level of quality that is shown in ground zeros we could be looking at the GOTY easy, and i can’t wait to play it.


[Going to take a lot to beat Fallout 4 however]



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